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“What an amazing experience! Elizabeth is highly professional and her recruiting expertise is invaluable. She knew exactly what our team needed and was very accommodating. I look forward to working with Radix Advisors in the future!”

William, New York, NY


“Elizabeth gave some great advice and provided excellent coaching to use in an upcoming interview. I highly recommend Radix Advisors.”

George, Greenwich, CT


“Amazing consulting experience for our team! Very professional. Excellent communication. Definitely recommend Radix!”

Sharon, Westport, CT


“I have used Elizabeth twice now for resumes and cover letters. I highly recommend Radix Advisors - Elizabeth is efficient and timely. Easy to work with too.”

Sarah, Chicago, IL


“This was one of my best experiences working with a career coach. Thank you so much!  Very pleased with results.”

Sutton, Boston, MA


“Radix Advisors did a great job rewriting my resume. It is now very professional and easier to read and understand. Cover letter was outstanding. Thank you!”

Samuel, Dallas, TX



Henry, Seattle, WA


“Awesome HR consultant!”

Quincy, Palm Beach, FL


“Excellent service, great communication!”

Nathan, New York, NY


“Elizabeth updated my resume, was very communicative, and finished the product in a time crunch when I was applying to Wharton.  I highly recommend Radix Advisors.”

Tim, Los Angeles, CA


“Amazing job on our company bio.”

Samantha, Bar Harbor, ME


“Great feedback and excellent communication with Elizabeth.  I highly recommend Radix Advisors for executive coaching.”

Trevor, Singapore, SG


“Always perfect.”

Bridget, Princeton, NJ


“Radix Advisors is far beyond the normal measure of the best that can be found in HR consulting. At every turn, Elizabeth demonstrated professionalism which always suggested to me the very high standard she has set for herself. Too, she exudes that unmistakable sense of self-satisfaction the more aware she becomes of how much she is helping her clients. She loves what she does and because of this her clients benefit tremendously. If she is not the apotheosis of the perfect consultant, I can't wait to work with her better. In a word, you will get more than you paid for with Radix.”

John, San Fransisco, CA


“There is a reason why I am a returning Radix client - always a job well done.”

Martha, Darien, CT


“Elizabeth wrote an amazing cover letter and resume for me. Thanks, Radix!”

Manuel, Gstaad, CH


“Love working with Elizabeth! She's a great resume writer and also a wonderful resource for career advice. I've worked with Radix Advisors a few times, and every time is easy and efficient!  Simply the best!

Danielle, New York, NY


“My husband referred me to Elizabeth, as he worked with Radix to update his cover letter/resume. The work was exactly what I was looking for!”

Tamika, New York, NY


“Elizabeth was fast and professional. Her career guidance and advice was fantastic.”

Sydney, Mountain View, CA


“Radix Advisors was able to, again, help me on very short notice. I worked with Radix to create a cover letter tailored to a specific position that I am seeking. The words were exactly what I needed!”

Eric, Greenwich, CT


“Radix Advisors has been fantastic to work with. Elizabeth has taken an area of my life that was stressful – my career journey – and put me on the right path through her executive coaching.  Her compassion and insight shines through with each session.  Highly recommended.”

Laurence, Stamford, CT


“Radix Advisors did a wonderful job updating my resume. Taking the next step in my career will be all the easier now. Thanks!”

Chip, Dallas, TX

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